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Doula Care


Whether you're new or seasoned, the comprehensive Doula packages will empower you through childbirth and beyond. Covering a wide range of topics related to birth, pregnancy, and postpartum doula packages are offered for birth or postpartum. Doula packages offers insights into hospital, midwifery center, and home birth options, promoting a holistic approach to maternal health and well-being. Participants will gain knowledge about the labor and delivery processes, comfort and pain relief techniques, laboring moves, and having a successful afterbirth experience. Follow your childbirth package, with the 4th trimester doula care that will be implemented to your unique postpartum needs. Postpartum participants can select from hands-on physical support for mother and/or baby and postnatal emotional wellness support for both parents. The postpartum package is coupled well with the Perinatal Promises fitness program offered at Tee 4 JC. Join us to empower yourself with valuable information and support for a positive birth experience and postpartum journey. Each Doula session runs 75 minutes, and are completed at the client's home or virtually via Zoom, with the exceptions being the labor and delivery session.*** Discounted multi-sessions are available under plans.

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