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Welcome to Tee 4 JC

Empowering You to Achieve Your Health and Fitness Goals

Hi y'all!!!

I’m Tee, a Midwest girl with a West Coast heart and soul, who lives on the East Coast!

Whoooa, that's a mouthful!!

I’ve been in Virginia since 2010, married since 2001, and have four kids; plus I've used about 70 exclamation marks in just 5 seconds of typing – so if you’re doing the math – that means I’m old school; but in a good way, lol!!

My business, Tee 4 JC, LLC, and my entire life are dedicated to Jesus Christ.


For me, the LORD God, through Jesus Christ, has redeemed me from sin and set me on the pathway to good living, and - as I see it - is the only way that is good and worthy of following.

Now, please, please don’t get me wrong, while I am a devoted Christian, and glad to be so;  I am not spiteful to those who do not share my belief system. I may have different faith-based opinions, yet I am neither a hateful nor a belligerent person. I choose to live my life - including how I conduct myself as a professional - based upon the Word of God, Almighty, as I believe and understand it to be written in the Holy Christian Bible. Yet, I understand that many things are shaping our choices in life. For me, the main influencer of my choices is Jesus Christ, through my faith in and understanding of Christ as He is outlined in the Bible.


So, with that upfront, raw, and real – WELCOME to Tee 4 JC!! If you’re still reading, then you already know I’m going to come clean, honest, and fair …


I am a businesswoman who loves the privilege of serving others through the work that God gifts me to do. I love serving others of all walks because it gives me a chance to do exactly what Jesus Christ did - went out unto the people and served! It also keeps me growing daily by connecting with others around me. So, how can I assist you today with the work that I do?

What is it that I do, you ask?? Oh, I‘m so glad that you’ve asked.

In short, I help people meet their goals.

At Tee 4 JC, the slogan is loud and clear: "Barbells AND Babies". I am dedicated to guiding you on your journey to improved health and wellness. As an experienced fitness trainer and health coach, I am committed to providing you with the support, knowledge, and motivation you need to make lasting changes. I believe in a holistic approach to health, addressing both physical fitness and mental well-being. The personalized programs are designed to help you achieve your goals and sustain a balanced lifestyle.

As always -

Be encouraged and Get active!!

~ Coach Tee

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Transform Your Health with Our Workshops

Join our transformative workshops and delve into various aspects of health and fitness. Our workshops cover topics such as nutrition, mindset, and exercise, equipping you with the tools to optimize your well-being. Whether you're looking to kickstart your fitness journey or enhance your current routine, our workshops provide valuable insights and actionable strategies. Take the first step towards a healthier you by joining our upcoming park circuit fitness training group sessions.

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