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You CAN do it!

I walked a 5k today. It was a sand dune, obstacle course 5k. The temp was about 80 degrees. I have plantar fasciitis and a torn MCL, I'm detrained and currently obese. But I walked the entire course.


I'd tell you my time, but in my personal thought process, the time to complete the 5k isn't as important as the actual completion of the process.

Guys, I'm a CERTIFIED personal trainer. I didn't just watch a few YouTube videos and slap a label behind my name. I studied, trained, tested, and became certified. I hold high qualifications for health, wellness, and fitness – including a master’s degree in Exercise Science and a certification in Health Coaching. Yet, I am still struggling with fitness-related injury, losing weight after an extended period of deconditioning and inactivity – and the mental and emotional toll that being in an unhealthy body takes on a person.

I still have to work as a Coach and to encourage others, even as I work to regain my own good health and fitness. It's a process.

This post is to remind you that you CAN get to your goal health. You CAN do it! It may seem far off today. It may feel impossible. It may feel frustrating; especially if you've been in a high level of good fitness before, and are now working your way back. Still, you CAN do it. Just take the first step. Eventually you'll have taken the right amount of steps to reach your personal goal.


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